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Agricultural Materials Company – Miqdadi – Jordan.
Past, present, and promising future


The Journey has started from Palestine.

From Palestine, the Journey of The Agricultural Materials Company started in 1936. When the late Khalil Miqdadi opened a small shop to help local farmers in the area by providing them with the best agricultural products and giving them advice and guidance. Through his experience gained from his studies in France and his work in the government agricultural sector in Jaffa.

About the founder:

Khalil Miqdadi 1908 – 1980

He was 19 when he graduated from the University of Grignon, in France, in 1927. After that, he worked in agricultural guidance in the Jaffa Agriculture Directorate until 1935, armed with knowledge, experience, and the will to be one of the first entrepreneurs as he opened the first agricultural company startup in 1936 in Palestine. He was helping local farmers in the area by providing them with the best agricultural products and helpful advice and information. In 1948, after the Israeli invasion of Palestine, he settled in Lebanon, full of challenge and passion. He opened a company in Lebanon, after which a long journey of successive achievements began in Syria, Iraq, and Jordan.


The opening of Agricultural Materials Company – Miqdadi in Jordan.

From Palestine to Jordan in 1960, The Agricultural Materials Company – Miqdadi opened and carried the same approach and vision the company started in Palestine. To provide farmers with pioneering products, the best tools, and materials, transfer technology and technique, and give them the needed guidance to help them improve their production.

AMC in Jordan has always been (and still is) keen to provide the best materials and tools from prominent local and international companies, factories, and brands. Initially, it supplied a selection of seeds such as tomato seeds, cucumbers, and squash from Clause Company, granulated fertilizer from Albatross Company, and some pesticides and treatments from Albatross Company. Imperial ICI and UKF from Zenica, which later became Syngenta. Also, they provided some tools from Shillington and pruning shears from Felco.

With the joining of the next generations of the Miqdadi family, the company has expanded vertically and horizontally and entered different areas in the industry and service provision.


The Modern company for Fertilizers Production.

AMC has always kept pace with all changes and needs in the region by importing various types of fertilizers. However, the demand for fertilizers increased due to the increase in the greenhouses number in the area. Therefore, the idea came to establish the Modern Company for Fertilizers Production (MCFP) in 1991 to provide farmers with high-quality and competitive prices fertilizers.


The National Seed Production Company.

AMC embarked on a seed development and research journey right from its inception. Through dedicated efforts, the idea gradually took shape and became concrete. In 1998, the National Seed Production Company was founded with the specific purpose of producing various local customers’ seed varieties. Over time, the National Seeds Production Company became independent, with an impressive portfolio.


The Veterinary Materials Company “Amcovet”.

Since animal health is always an essential part of agriculture, we had a department concerned about veterinary products and animal health. In 2002 the Veterinary Materials Company “Amcovet” was established out of our belief in the necessity and benefits of specialization, giving more attention and exclusivity to this vital agricultural sector.


The Modern Nurseries Company.

And because serving the farmers is our priority, we aimed to provide them with all the services and materials they might need. So, in addition to the best types of seeds, we decided to establish the Modern Nurseries Company in 2006 to help farmers to get healthy seedlings grafted with the finest varieties of rootstocks and deliver them to farmers ready for planting.

Since public health and food safety materials are part of the solutions that we provide to our customers, and because we believe in the necessity of safe application of these products, we established in 2006 a company specialized in public health services, the Specialists for Pest Control “Contra.”


During its journey, the company faced many political, economic, and environmental challenges. Still, it remained well-established and steady and continued to provide its services as one of the leading companies in the Jordanian agricultural sector.

The company’s credibility and transparency policy, the powers granted to employees, the selection of the elite among them, and the vision and mission that the company carries have contributed to its continuity, stability, and access to what it is now.

During the era of the Miqdadi family following generations, the company has prospered to reach what it is now. The Agricultural Materials Company – Miqdadi supplies the local markets with 44 fertilizers, 31 seed varieties, and 25 pesticides from the finest and best factories and international and local brands. It also provides services and guidance to professional farmers or Those interested in gardening throughout the Kingdom. Points of sale of the Agricultural Materials Company spread throughout the Kingdom with a specialized team of experienced and passionate agronomists.

Promising Future
We work daily to continue serving the farmer because we know that our health comes from our food quality. So therefore, we continue to provide support and advice, and we look forward to providing additional solutions that serve the farmers and the environment and help with the lack of resources at the same time.

We are also working on opening new branches to cover more areas in the Kingdom, aiming to cover new services, including home farming and gardening.

And because we keep pace with everything new and innovative in the Agricultural world, we always strive to provide safe and environmentally friendly solutions, work more efficiently, and use technology to increase production and reduce water use.

Recently, in response to the market’s need, we have entered various social media platforms to be closer to you wherever you are and because we believe in the role of technology in the agricultural future in particular. The company has acquired 35% of the company (Twig), which owns a platform for home gardening solutions.

Finally, we aim to raise farmers towards a better environment, crops, and food.