Serving the Local Farmer

since 1960

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Company History

AMC – Jordan.
Past, Present, and Promising Future

From Palestine, the Journey of The Agricultural Materials Company started in 1936. When the late Khalil Miqdadi opened a small shop to help local farmers in the area by providing them with the best agricultural products and giving them advice and guidance.

We aim to raise farmers towards a better environment, crops, and food.

We work daily to continue serving the farmer because we know that our health comes from our food quality. So therefore, we continue to provide support and advice, and we look forward to providing additional solutions that serve the farmers and the environment and help with the lack of resources at the same time.



Long-lasting protection for
various kinds of pests.

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Best nutrition from all
the leading factories.

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Seed varieties

High-quality hybrid seeds from
International and Local brands.

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